Victorian Brickyards of Flint and Denbighshire

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Illustrated throughout the book are examples of bricks from many of the works.  Old bricks such as these are becoming increasingly difficult to find these days and the photos below serve as a reminder that these brickworks actually did exist.



The Buckley Brick & Tile Co. assumed the name of its manager John Merriman Gibson, so well thought of was he. The company was formed in 1865 to incorporate a new works with that of the Buckley Draining Pipe Works just to the south. The Brookhill works finally closed in 1961, whereas the renamed Belmont works ceased in 1912.


The Buckley Glazed Brick Co. was one of the earlier stylings of the Standard Co. It is believed that the works began around 1886 and it became one of Buckley’s largest works, finally making ceramic pipes until its closure in 1969


This tiny country brickyard was originally owned by the Evans family of Old Hall, who leased the yard to Joseph Collins in 1893. Its fortunes were very troubled but were refurbished in 1905, only to close again in 1909.


The Ffrith Fireclay Co. was a little brickworks situated in a steeply wooded valley south of Minera. It grew out of a small colliery concern sometime around 1890 but appears to have closed before 1914. A later company of the same name did exist to mine the site’s fireclay


The Ffrwd Works was a massive ironworks, colliery and brickworks nestled in the countryside between Brymbo and Cefn y Bedd. Originally a small colliery, the main ironworks was begun circa 1824 and later grew under James Sparrow to become one of the most prestigious enterprises in North Wales. The site was closed in 1904 following a great depression in the industrial sector.


Small scale coal workings had been going on in this part of Mold since the early 19th Century but the main Argoed concern really began in 1863 under Richard Owen, the postmaster of Chester. The company saw a turbulent career although it was fondly held by local residents. It was finally closed and auctioned off in 1886.



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